Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Gary Kirwan weighed in at 41 stone 3 pounds and in a year has dropped 13 stone and a half pound to get to 28 stone 2 and a half pounds to start 2012. He is a ordinary person who has amazing determination to keep going. He did the Dublin marathon, even though he had to finish it on his own with the roads back open. He was wrecked but kept going. You can see the difference in his size in his photographs...

The fight against obesity is a personal one but we need to get healthier as a nation, take pride in ourselves and aspire to be healthy.

Monday, January 16, 2012

exercising is so much effort...

...but I am doing it. I got myself an exercise bike for my birthday in September. Haven't lost any weight since I got it because I haven't really consistently used it. On the plus side, I haven't put on any weight either.

So far I have managed sporadic training...
02/01/12 20 mins 10.61km 275.5 cals at a speed of 3 (its a 1 - 8 speed)
04/01/12 20 mins 11.30km 293 cals 3 and 4 speed with 3 minutes of intervals of one minute cycling at 4 and one minute rest.
06/01/12 25 mins 11.49km 298.6 cals 4 speed relatively slowly
10/01/12 15 mins 8.14km 211.4 cals 4 quick pace
13/01/12 20 mins 10.37km 269.4 cals 4 quick pace
          20 more mins 10.41 km 270.5 cals 4 quick
          10 more mins 5.69 km 147.8 cals 1 gently
14/01/12 60 mins 27.63 km 717.7 cals 4 moderately with 3 one min stints at 8 and 7  of variation from 1 to 9 down through.
         15 more mins 6.10 km 158.4 cals 2 gently
16/01/12 35 mins 18.23 km 473 cals 4 hard out for 20 mins then 3 gently

Basically I've been eating what I usually eat but being careful not to eat biscuits and the rest. Today for breakfast I had scrambled eggs, one whole egg and one egg white on two slices of brown toast with flora spread.

I had rocket leaves with feta and sweet chili sauce for lunch.

30g of mixed nuts (walnuts, brazil, hazelnuts and almonds) and 30g of mixed fruit (apricot, lemon, orange and currants) as a snack.

Dinner was a homemade chicken and vegetable soup with a slice of wholemeal bread with feta and mango sauce.

Ooops I've had a bad bread day...currently I'm munching on a chopped carrot with some sweet chili sauce.

I like carrots and everything I've eaten today. I think some fish is in order for tomorrow!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Square one....million

I started losing weight in 2009. I was promptly told by my aunt that I was not losing weight as, when you lose something you want to find it again. So, rather than "putting it out there into the universe*" that I was losing weight, I began shedding pounds.

Now, I'm 5 foot 6 inches and I weigh approx 75kg or 11.8 stone. My maximum ideal healthy weight is 68kg or 10.7 stone and I'd like to be about 63kg or 10 stone.

My goal here is not to be super skinny but to be healthy and happy. I am not happy with the way I look at the moment and most women would say - well, who is? I love watching "Biggest Loser" and other weight loss programmes. At the moment I'm on a health kick, but who knows when that will end. I've been at a plateau of about 12 stone for a year and a half. So, now I'm kicking it off. I'm shedding "the final stone" (plus a bit).

I hope....

*My mum says if you put something out there into the universe then it will obey you. So instead of saying you want to be rich you say you are rich, as want is always in the future and the universe will only obey the now.
- she reads a lot of books about this kind of thing, I haven't read them myself but I try and take some of her advice onboard (with a pinch of salt - although I cut that out a long time ago!)